Orthodox parish

The Crisis of the “State Church” in the Focus of the Parish Question. 1860s–1917

In this article, the author looks at the development of the so‑called Orthodox parish issue within the last fifty years of the Russian Empire. This issue helps identifying the main elements of the crisis in which the State Church system would find itself in 1917. The problem was present since the 18th century and then exploded in heated discussions in the beginning of the 20th century.

The Orthodox Parish in Non-Orthodox Border Regions of the Russian Empire: the Case of Finland

In this article the problem of the collision of different paradigms of religious and national identity in a multinational and multi-confessional Russian Empire is shown on the example of a debate about the model of the Orthodox parish in Finland. The debate revealed a conflict between the two legal systems — imperial and that of the Grand Duchy of Finland. The Finnish legislation was perceived in the Grand Duchy as a guarantee of national identity.